A shout out to the unsung hero’s of Marina Staff

In these unprecedented times we find ourselves coming together even more as a nation to thank those who are dealing with increased and immense pressure whilst undertaking their day to day work. From NHS workers, Waste Collectors, Carers and many more I thought it prudent and necessary to thank the marina staff still working hard to keep its customers and their boats safe during this time.

Gosport Premier Marina

The nation is coming together more and more and showing immense signs of appreciation for all those still working in this worldwide crisis. From nation wide clapping each Thursday evening to children creating rainbows being displayed in millions of household windows across the UK, I wanted to thank those staff at the marina that are also working tirelessly to ensure the safety of its customers.

Being sat on board a yacht at the end of a hammerhead pontoon during these times means I have little contact with others and the outside world. It brings on a strange emotion each Thursday evening when I sound my small ships fog horn in appreciation for those working tirelessly to help us through this crisis. Watching the Police Boats line up and flash their blue lights whilst all vessels sound their horns got me thinking about the other unsung hero’s still working and keeping us safe.

The marina staff find themselves working with less staff and undertaking extra checks at the request of boat owners ensuring the safety of their vessels. With many staff unfortunately furloughed during this crisis, dealing with the emotional and financial consequences of this situation, my thanks goes out to those here and those unfortunately unable to work at this time.

From the friendly ‘Good Morning’ at a 2 metre distance, constant checks on berth holders vessels to the hand delivered post down to the yacht. Thank you!

This evening we heard the UK Lockdown is set to continue for at least another 3 weeks. The Government’s message remains simple, STAY HOME – PROTECT THE NHS – SAVE LIVES. And too all those still working to keep us safe, Stay Safe and thank you.


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